Great post, thanks Joe! I have a Mac anyway but getting Framer set up on Windows only helps my workflow.

Also to anyone who might be wondering how to mirror a project on your phone if on Windows, just go to your local host in your phone’s browser while the local server is still running.

Just type this url: your IP address:3000

If you don’t know where to find that: go (in Windows 10) to Settings -> Network and Internet -> Wifi (or ethernet, whichever you’re using) -> Hardware properties -> Look at the IPv4 Address.

Thats Your IP address. So if IPv4 says 123.456.7.890, type in 123.456.7.890:3000 into your mobile browser and you’ve got your prototype.

It’s not perfect but it gets the job done.

I like design, code, politics, and America. Come say hi: Behance: akheidarian, Dribbble: Alex Heidarian

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